Hidey ho!

My name is Carrie and I love designing graphics for whatever i can find to design for (once I even did a wine label!), so getting into the world of ebook covers is second nature. Take a look through the “Covers Portfolio” then ask for a custom cover – I know, I know, it sounds expensive but it’s really not!

I’m also a writer and a waitress, so if you can’t get ahold of me right away, hang on to your shorts! I keep weird hours, but I promise I’ll get back to you. I work on a short turn around time. Most covers can be completed in less than 48 hours, sooner if you supply chocolate and catnip. (catnip is for the ever helpful designing quartet of cats – the chocolate is for me!)

While I’m not the FBI, I’ll be asking a few questions about your characters and story. Work with me, and your cover will be everything you ever wanted.

PS, I also do websites, graphics for Facebook ads, teasers and banners. Just ask!Have you given up on finding the perfect photo for your book? Ask away, and I’ll research. Please don’t ask me to do this for free. Please. Feel free to look yourself to find the perfect match!

Got questions about your ebook cover? Use this handy-dandy contact form and ask away.

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