Check through my portfolio of covers....I've done quite a variety with new ones showing up all the time. 


For the past ten years, Cheeky Covers has dominated (rawr!) the ebook design world. Ok, maybe not dominated, but we’ve certainly had a blast designing ebook and print covers and working with the authors who want them. =) 

We offer a variety of designs, from romance to historical and slasher to YA. We’re fast and furious, dedicated and delightful. Trust us, you’ll love us.

Who is us? Me- I’m Carrie (hi!) and my quartet of designing cats (they’re pawsome!). They add in a bit of fur to the keyboard, the occasional mis-spelling (bad cats!) and bring me play toys that look suspiciously like dead mice. Whether you’re looking for an ebook cover and/or print cover, I’m your gal. =)

 (PS< I also do Facebooks ads, teasers and banners) 

Cheeky covers. Ebook covers at cheeky prices.

We also do Facebook and BookBub ads!

As well as Twitter and Facebook headers, boxsets and print covers.