Custom Covers

So you’re thinking custom ebook cover, eh? Good idea. Here’s the way it works – you’ll send me a request via this lovely contact form below, I’ll send you a list of questions. For the love of Pete, make sure you use the right email address or someone like Newt Gingrich could be getting all these important emails! Haven’t heard from me right away? Sometimes crap happens. Try again at solutions at evertek dot net.

Once we’ve hashed out the questions and answers, I’ll make a few mock-up cover designs. You’ll narrow it down, I’ll redo (and redo…and redo….and…) and upon approval (and payment!) will send you three images – the large one for the ebook cover, and 2 smaller ones you can use on your blog/facebook page. Aaaaand you’ll also get a free Facebook post featuring your book cover! What’s not to love?

Most custom covers will run from $35-$150 depending on the complexity of the design, the number of photos used and number of changes made. Got your own photos? Suh-weet. Send ’em on over, we’ll do a deal.

Broke but want a good cover anyways? Email me, we’ll talk.

There’s no need for ugly covers when Cheekycovers is here!! (hum the theme song to Underdog while reading this!)

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